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Consumer Debt Collection

MAH manages overdue cross-border claims against individuals. We undertake collections throughout the world, for clients from various sectors, including educational institutions, the health sector, financial institutions and credit card centres, and tourism.

Tracing an individual or a family who has left the country or premises could present you with a significant challenge. Dealing with foreign individuals, sponsors or guardians, medical insurances, international travel insurances, consulates, embassies, and local authorities or representatives can be a very difficult task for an inexperienced person.

Our specialised collection team undertakes every effort to locate and communicate with such persons in their native language. We also handle all paperwork efficiently for local authorities, which is essential to expedite the collection process.

Close contacts around the globe, such as with local government authorities, embassies and international chambers of commerce, enable us to call upon such connections when local presence is required to support the tracing and collection process.

Our mission is to resolve often sensitive personal or political concerns. We adopt ethical procedures to achieve this objective on behalf of our clients.


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