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Commercial Debt Collection

Our Commercial Debt Collection Service focuses on companies and organisations with pending receivables due from other companies and organisations. We manage and collect International Commercial Debts on our client’s behalf. We can handle commercial accounts of any size, from a few days to many months. Businesses trading overseas can benefit from our high quality International Debt Collection Service.

Modern technology and accelerating global commerce have increased the volume of international business relations, commonly undertaken on terms of credit. This trend has augmented international debts among companies of every size and sector. Collecting debts internationally is expensive, time-consuming, complex, and complicated. MAH was established specifically to address and resolve these issues.

Going to court in an unknown country involves any company in highly expensive, stressful, and lengthy procedures. It may also destroy future business relationships with existing customers.

Our commercial clients include international companies of all sizes from different industries, such as export, export credit insurance, banking, telecommunications, media, aviation, construction, governmental and diplomatic bodies, and several other sectors.


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