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Collection Strategy

Your success is our priority. We offer our clients a collection strategy tailored to their credit management and budget needs.
Privacy and data protection are our consistent aims in all dealings. Each collector handles a claim from the first phone call to completion. Applying the most effective collection strategies, we ensure that every account is handled in full compliance with all legal statutes.

MAH works with reputable collection law firms and debt collection agencies in 63 countries. Subject to requirement, our international partners provide us with specific information on local law and practice. Our affiliates are able to take prompt legal action on behalf of our clients. Such local presence is of great advantage in ensuring swift debt recovery.

Regular communication with the debtor is imperative to expediting the collection process. From experience, we know that the best resolution strategy is face to face meetings with the debtor, either at our offices in Switzerland or locally at the debtor’s office. In personal meetings, we also involve our local attorneys and the responsible authorities.

Failing all options for an amicable solution, we conduct a careful analysis to determine whether to recover our client’s monies through litigation. Our client will be informed in advance of the costs required to issue proceedings. No proceedings will be issued prior to full client approval. MAH's global attorneys provide our clients with cost-effective legal collection solutions.

MAH provides regular status reports during the collection process of each case, and replies promptly to requests for any further information.
MAH works on a No Collection - No Fee basis. We offer competitive commission rates to all our clients.


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