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The founder of M.A.H. INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, who has pioneered the organisation’s dynamic approach to Global Commercial Accounts Receivable Management, has made a significant contribution to the Accounts Receivable Management Industry since 1993.

MAH was established by M. Amendra-Hauser in 2003. A few years later, the company was incorporated. We have since been steadily expanding our client base and outreach.

First headquartered in Buochs, we are now based in Stans, the capital of Canton Nidwalden, Switzerland (50 minutes from Zurich City). Our head office works on a day-to-day basis with our Zurich-based group law office to resolve cases. Our senior legal partner is Mr. Oliver Willimann, who serves on the MAH Board and acts as our principal group lawyer. A total of twenty in-house staff work in both offices in Switzerland.

We have been steadily growing our operations since 2004, through the successful addition of worldwide export companies of all sizes from all industries to our client base.

Our longstanding experience in Global Commercial Debt Collections and our network of reputable international partner law offices in 63 countries have made us one of the most successful commercial debt collection companies in the global market.

Today, MAH is able to leverage successful debt collection and offer the highest standards in all areas in the global market. We are proud to be a market leader in global export debt collections.


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